Overzicht dissertaties maart t/m mei 2015

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Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam


14 april 2015
The experiences of bereaved relatives with palliative sedation and other end-of-life care practices
S.M. Bruinsma

7 april 2015
What happens and what matters: a study on palliative and terminal care in the hospital (PalTeC-H)
F.E. Witkamp

11 maart 2015
MicroRNAs in normal and malignant myelopoiesis
M.F. Alemdehy Radboud

Universiteit Nijmegen


21 mei 2015
Fatigue in metastatic cancer
M.E.W.J. Peters

20 mei 2015
When cure is not an option: Informing patients with advanced cancer about palliative treatment options &ellipsis;

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